Move Management FAQs

Common Questions About Move Coordination Services

1. How do I receive information concerning move coordination services?
2. Will you help me with deciding on what I need to do before I move?
3. How far in advance do I need to schedule my move?
4. How will I know if my furniture will fit in my new home? 
5. Do you work with the movers or will I have to be available on moving day?
6. Do you offer unpacking services?
7. What do I do with the items I did not move?
8. What about my old house; Can you handle the sale as well?
9. How is Lifetime Estate Liquidation, LLC compensated?
10. Can I talk with someone about coordinating a move for me?

How do I receive information concerning move coordination services?

We are happy to send information concerning the relocation services we offer. Please fill out the customer form or call us at 603-493-4472, and we will send you information. (Back to Top)

Will you help me with deciding on what I need to do before I move?

Yes, we will sit down with you and discuss the relocation process and provide you with a timeline and a checklist.  We will help you sort through your belongings to determine those items needed in your new home.  Moving unneeded items increases your moving costs and can be a problem due to lack of storage area in your new home. (Back to Top)

How far in advance do I need to schedule my move?

Generally, at least four weeks is required to schedule our services for move coordination or estate sale services. (Back to Top)

How will I know if my furniture will fit in my new home?

We will review floor plans to assure room dimensions will accommodate the furniture you wish to take.  We often visit the new home, if possible, to assure furniture will be appropriate for the space. (Back to Top)

Will you work with the movers or will I have to be available on moving day?

We will work with movers and make sure that items are packed according to the location they will be needed in your new home, thus making unpacking easier.  There is no need to be on-site during the moving process. Our goal is to remove this stress from your life!  (Back to Top)

Do you offer unpacking services ?

Yes, we will unpack and place your items in the appropriate areas.  We will hang pictures, make the beds, hang the drapes, etc., making your home look like you have lived there for years! (Back to Top)

What do I do with the  items I did not move?

Our company offers Estate Liquidation Services for the items that need to be sold.  Often times the money made by our clients from the sale, will cover some if not all of the moving costs  (Back to Top)

What about my old house; Can you sell that as well?

Yes, if your old home is located in New Hampshire, we can list your home for sale.  If you live in other areas of the country, we will provide you with pre-screened REALTORS who specialize in working with seniors. (Back to Top)

How is Lifetime Estate Liquidations, LLC compensated?

We charge an hourly rate for our move management services and will be happy to provide you with the information during our visit for a free evaluation. (Back to Top)

Can I talk with someone about coordinating a move for me?

We would like to talk with you about your need for move coordination services.  Please call to schedule an appointment or fill out the customer form or call us at 603-493-4472,  and we will send you information. (Back to Top)