Estate Sale Services in New Hampshire

Having conducted estate sales for over 36 years in New Hampshire, we have seen how many companies conduct estate sales and we decided to provide our clients a higher level of service and protection.

Beginning with comprehensive insurance, including workers’ compensation, we provide our clients assurance that the company and the workers are adequately insured. Background checks are completed on employees and we do not use day laborers during the set-up or sale process. Our client’s peace of mind is an important component of a successful sale and our goal is to meet our client’s needs.

Once we have been contracted to conduct an estate sale, the process begins! The initial step is the set-up phase where we organize, research and price everything in the home, separating unsalable items from the treasures. By the time set-up is finished, the home looks like a store and the contents are staged so that we attract more buyers and sell items at higher prices… a better bottom line for our clients. We except major credit cards at our sales which will yield a higher dollar estate sale.

Some companies simply open the doors and price items as they are selected by customers for purchase. We believe that the best sale is one that is organized, well researched and beautifully arranged…even if more work is required. While set-up is occurring, advertising of the sale on the web and in print begins.

Then the sale weekend arrives! This is the SELL, SELL, SELL phase. A sale generally is scheduled from two to four days depending on the amount of items in the home. The hours of the sale are generally between 9 – 3 pm each day and fully trained, uniformed employees are working during the entire sale. If you also choose us to sell your home through Keller Williams Realty/Nashua-Salem, we will market your home during the entire sale. Think of this as a big open house that lasts all weekend!

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