Estate Sale Services FAQs

Common Questions about Estate Liquidation Services

1. How do I receive information concerning liquidating an estate?
2. How do I know if I should have an estate sale?
3. How far in advance do I need to schedule my sale?
4. What if there are items I would like to keep from the estate?
5. How do I contract with Lifetime Estate Liquidations to do my sale?
6. How long does the preparation and the sale actually take? 
7. What if I change my mind and decide not to follow through with the sale?
8. In what areas of the country does your company conduct sales?
9. How is Lifetime Estate Liquidations compensated?
10. Can I talk with someone about conducting a sale for me?

How do I receive information concerning liquidating an estate?

We are happy to send information concerning estate sales. Please fill out the customer form and we will send you information.  (Back to Top)

How do I know if I should have an estate sale?

This can be a difficult question to answer, but generally, if you have a substantial quantity of quality items to sell, then an estate sale is your best choice.  It will generate more profit for you than selling all the contents to one buyer, such as an auction house. (Back to Top)

How far in advance do I need to schedule my sale?

Generally, if the sale is contracted with Lifetime Estate Liquidations, LLC the sale can occur within a few weeks depending on the number of other sales which may already be scheduled.  Spring and Fall are the busiest times; you may need to schedule a month ahead during these times. (Back to Top)

What if there are items I would like to have from the estate?

We encourage families to take those items that have sentimental value to them before we assess the home.  Once we have contracted with you for an estate sale, we ask that nothing be removed since the contract is based on the contents of the estate when our assessment is made.  (Back to Top)

How do I contract with Lifetime Estate Liquidations, LLC to do my sale?

We simply assess the home to ensure an estate sale is your best option. Next, a contract is signed and we begin working to prepare for your sale.  This process includes pricing, arranging, advertising and informing buyers from our previous sales that we have another great sale scheduled. (Back to Top)

How long does the preparation and the sale actually take?

This really depends on the contents of the home.  We like to have at least one week to ten days to set up and conduct the sale, but we understand that there are times that the sale needs to happen more quickly and we do our best to accommodate such instances.  (Back to Top)

What if I change my mind and decide not to follow through with the sale?

This rarely happens because by the time the family has contacted us, they have spent a great deal of time contemplating their options. However, if the sale must be cancelled, we charge for the time and expenses incurred by Lifetime Estate Liquidations, LLC up to the cancellation of the sale, and a penalty fee.  (Back to Top)

In what areas of the country does your company conduct sales?

We work primarily in New Hampshire.  (Back to Top)

How is Lifetime Estate Liquidations compensated?

We require a small non-refundable administrative fee when the contract is signed and  then take a percentage of the proceeds from the sale. This is agreed upon prior to the sale.  We carefully go over the contract with you to ensure there is no confusion concerning our services or payment.  We believe that having a qualified estate sale representative is the your best way to have a profitable sale.  We know the fair market pricing of the items we sell and this knowledge ensures you have a great sale!   (Back to Top)

Can I talk with someone about conducting a sale?

We would like to talk with you about your need for estate liquidation.  Please call to schedule an appointment or fill out the customer form and we will send you information.  (Back to Top)